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Online Flower Delivery Services

June 21st, 2012 11:17 pm

When you send flowers and other gifts to someone you care about, there is a particular message you want to get across. Sometimes it is an intimate message, such as sending flowers to someone you love for their birthday or to your daughter when she graduates college. In other times it is a professional message, such as delivering an elegant bouquet and a bottle of wine to a special client you want to impress. Follow are several things you should know about online flower delivery service

The online flower delivery service is a feasible option of sending across flowers to anywhere. You can send flowers to India by booking for them online and the delivery will take place in 7-10 working days.

While booking them online you need not compromise on your selection and you can get your desired combination of flowers. While making your choice you can avail the buying guides of these online delivery services.

These online florists suggest the right combination of flowers to be gifted for a particular occasion. You can go for seasonal flowers when they are available, roses are all time favorites; orchids are trendy and have an extended shelf life. The lilies are a viable option and are a symbol of beauty and grace. Thus you can avail host of options and variety and can choose the ones you want to send.

It is also important to match the flowers with the occasion and the person you are gifting. On occasions like weddings, you can go for bright colored flowers with unique aroma, for anniversaries you can go for roses. You can get unique flowers available with the online florists, suiting the person’s personality to whom you want to gift.

The online florist can be based anywhere in the world and they can offer flowers across the globe. Like wild flowers are available in certain parts of America, if you book flowers from there you can get those flowers and make your gift exclusive.

Online Florist is the best way to send flowers online. Online booking of flowers is simple and easy to use. You can book from anywhere you want and at any time that suits you. Thus you need not rush to the florist the last minute you decide to gift flowers. You cannot even hoard them as they have a limited shelf life. Hence booking them online is the most viable option as it lets you choose what you want with ease and send them across to your loved ones.

Tips to Care for Fresh Cut Roses

May 4th, 2012 6:22 am

They are a good cut flower because the stems are straight, strong and sturdy. The flowers last in water for up to a week and the blossoms stay open. While they need no special treatment, unlike say poppies which need their stems seared with heat, they will last longer and stay fresher with a little extra effort.

Cut the roses with a sharp knife or pair of pruners right above a pair of five leaved stems. This will encourage the bush to send out another flowering cane. Cut first thing in the morning when the flowers are fresh and full of moisture. Choose buds which are partially open or roses that are completely open. Buds that are tight but showing color may or may not open fully when cut. Place immediately in a bucket of water you carry with you while you’re cutting the roses.

Preparing the roses makes them last longer. Remove leaves that will be below the water line when in a vase. Remove diseased or torn leaves as well. If a petal is creased or damaged take it off the rose. Tight buds won’t open and take energy and water away from the rose flower itself so take those off as well.

Even if you’ve just cut the roses from your garden they’ll still benefit from conditioning. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. This broadens the stems surface so it can draw in more water. If possible do this under running water or in a sink of water so no air enters the stem. Use sharp scissors, a knife or pruners. The cut should not crush the stem. Place the rose after it’s been cut in a bucket of ice water for an hour. The ice water should come up to the level of the first leaves left on the stem. Keep the roses in the ice water until you’re ready to arrange them. Make sharp cuts if you need to shorten the rose stem for an arrangement.

Remove the roses from the vase every day. Rinse the stems off. Fill the vase with fresh ice water and replace the roses. If the roses are in floral foam, fill the sink with water and submerge the container of floral foam in the sink for 15 minutes to re soak the foam. If a rose is wilting, cut the stem and put into very hot water. This sometimes shocks the rose back to life. Every other day recut the stems of the roses by 1/2 inch to expose fresh stem cells to the water. In an arrangement this isn’t possible, because you would have to take the rose out of the floral foam, cut the stem and reinsert it. When you lifted the stem out that created an air pocket.