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Choosing A Wedding Florist

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Choosing a wedding florist is almost as important as choosing a photographer. After all, it is the flowers and decorations that guests will see first as they start arriving. The most important thing in choosing a wedding florist is to choose early, especially if you are having a wedding in June or one of the other months that weddings are most popular in, or if you are having a holiday wedding (especially if it is around the Christmas holidays or Valentine’s Day.) Florists often book up months, and sometimes a year, in advance, so the sooner you make a selection, the better your chances of getting the one you want.

Go ahead and visit a few other florist shops. This way, if your first choice should fall through, you can simply call your “back-ups” until you have found one who is available. As soon as you have chosen the florist, immediately tell her if anyone in the wedding party has an allergy to certain plants. For example, some people are allergic to roses, while heavily scented flowers may aggravate sinus or other respiratory problems. With this out of the way, you can proceed to choosing flowers and greenery.

Give the wedding florist your color scheme for your attendants, as well as the theme of your wedding before you start choosing flowers. This way, she will know which flowers will work best. This is especially important if flowers are going to have to be tinted or otherwise changed to match the color scheme. Have the number of attendants on both sides of the wedding party, as well as any relatives and other special guests who will need corsages, bouquets or boutonnieres.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Fresh cut flowers are those commonly found at your nearest florist. They come in a variety of colors and choices and you have the option to choose any variety of flowers of any color to make your own bouquet. As beautiful as fresh cut flowers are, it is quite unfortunate they do not last long. However, there are ways we can ensure that the flowers that we purchase lasts longer. The obvious tip is to choose the freshest flower. The secret is in the petal. Flowers with firm and ‘upright’ petals are considered to be freshest and make sure that you purchase flower buds or those that are just beginning to bloom.

The vase or container that you choose to place your flowers has to be clean and filled with cool or lukewarm water. Cut of the leaves from the stems from below the water line of your container and cut of one or two inches of the bottom stem to allow the flowers to absorb water easily. Flowers last longer in cool / cold atmosphere therefore do not leave the flowers overnight in warm rooms and do not place them near heat or heat generating appliances. Flowers in water tend to generate slime caused by bacteria. To avoid this, use a few drops of household bleach and a spoonful of sugar. Even though there are commercially produced flower foods available in the market, it is not as effective as the combination of bleach and sugar. Re-cut the bottom stems every few days to allow better water absorption and fill your vase or container with fresh water everyday.

For instance, bulb flowers like daffodils lasts longer if their stems are snipped across at an angle and by removing the sticky white secretion. Woody stem flowers like roses last longer if their bottom stems are crushed and split to allow them to absorb water easily. To stop tulips from slumping over, the bunch should be wrapped tightly with wet newspaper left in 2-3 inches of water for at least one and half hours. Then push small pins through the stems just below the flower heads and voila the flowers will be uprigh.