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Welcome to ever after, inc., where we specialize in the reincarnation of flowers.
Offers palms, trees and foliage, bamboo, bonsais and flowery trees.
Everlasting flowers preserved and made into wreaths, swags, sprays, baskets, vases and more.
They offer a variety of pressed flowers, leaves, and grasses, cross-stitch charts, and more.
A professional shop online where you can find preserved flowers and preserved foliage . Specialized in preserved roses but offering a choice of other preserved flowers like hydrangeas , gardenia and various kind of leaves.
Flower directory and florist resource. Helps you find the best flower sites.
Offers silk wedding bouquets and arrangements.
Pressed flowers, foliage, and leaves available by the page, ClearPAK, and as stickers. Supplies, equipment, project sheets, and books are available.
Grower and exporter of Thai orchids including Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Vanda, Dendrobium, and other species.
Orchid catalog of tissue culture, chemicals, hormones, glassware, laboratory equipment, HEPA, orchid plants, Mexican and Ecuadorian species, growing and laboratory procedures.
Growingtulips ships fresh tulips by the stem, tulip bulbs and flower bulbs from the Netherlands.
Custom designed silk flowers and floral arrangements for the office, home, special event and weddings.
Silk bridal bouquets and wedding flowers for the entire bridal party.
Where you will find affordable silk wedding flowers without sacrificing quality. Hundreds of photos to choose.
Decorate a home or office with artificial plants that don't require watering, such as palm trees, tropicals, flowering plants, garlands, cactuses, and bushes.